13 July 2015

The 2015 Chap Olympiad

The annual Chap Olympiad is an event of such eccentricity, it takes seeing to believing. I suppose the best way to describe it is like a school sports day, albeit the competitors are dressed to the nines in vintage attire, sipping on Pimms and summer cocktails, and participating in challenges so utterly preposterous they may well have been conceived over a few too many glasses of champagne. I mean, where else would you see two combatants jousting with umbrellas on Boris bikes?

Donning my smartest tweed trousers and tartan waistcoat, I observed the surreal - nevertheless sophisticated - sportsmanship with awe and wonder. In its eleventh year, it was clear to see many of the participants had plenty of prior experience in these bizarre games, including "Well Dressage" and "Tea Pursuit". The games' slapstick humour along with the compère's fantastic wit made for an extraordinarily entertaining afternoon, and I would certainly be keen to go again next summer, perhaps even participate in a spot of "Not Playing Tennis". It is the quintessential sporting event for those more concerned for the apperance of their perfectly pressed trousers than actually crossing the finish line. Extra points for sock suspenders.

Chap Olympiad 2015
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