17 October 2015

Edeline Lee SS16

Wedged away on narrow Flitcroft Street, the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms are an Edwardian art studio that once supplied London's West End theatres with painted theatrical backdrops. Today the building still serves as a studio for resident artists, as well as a unique exhibition space. During London Fashion Week, said space was taken over by fashion PR agency The Wolves for no fewer than nine SS16 presentations.

Among those designers making best use of the building's heritage was Edeline Lee, whose colourful collection was complemented by the generous splashes of paint across the walls and floors. The overall aesthetic of her SS16 collection seeds from two artistic influences - firstly the "Ocean Park" series by American painter Richard Diebenkorn, then the postermodernist and asymmetric designs of the Memphis Group, culminating in a cordial contrast of pastel nuances and striking geometric prints.

Edeline Lee SS16 Edeline Lee SS16 Edeline Lee SS16 Edeline Lee SS16 Edeline Lee SS16 Edeline Lee SS16 Edeline Lee SS16 Edeline Lee SS16

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