4 November 2015

Silhouette Eyewear

As you may have gathered from the rare occasions I turn the camera on myself, glasses are my staple accessory, albeit more so for their optical benefit than the possibility they make me look vaguely smarter. They are essential for driving, taking photographs, tracking down friends in Infernos, and experiencing the world in HD quality. However, since they are on my face for most hours of the day, they are as important a style decision as any other.

Silhouette Eyewear

A few weeks back, I was invited to Chiswick for a private appointment with Silhouette, specialists in lightweight eyewear. Despite presenting me with what appeared to be their entire collection, the team knew immediately which of their frames would suit my face, picking out these full-rim glasses with round lenses. The tortoiseshell pattern is a product of double dip-dyeing, which in essence makes these specific frames unique.

The full-rim frames are just as light as Silhouette's rimless designs, for which they are well known. So light, in fact, I almost forgot I was wearing them. And by no means do featherweight materials suggest weak materials, so the Silhouette team tell me, although I would prefer not to test their claim right this minute. It would be a shame to break my new favourite spectacles.

Silhouette Eyewear

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