30 November 2015

Spin & Slide with BMW

Goodwood - Spin & Slide

I haven't had my driving licence for a full year yet, but somebody thought it would be a fantastic idea to teach me manouevres that - were I to attempt them on the UK roads - would most definitely land me in A&E / a police cell / a difficult conversation with my insurance provider. That said, I doubt my 10 year old run-around could even match half the power of the BMW M-series, in which I negotiated Goodwood's power sliding circuit.

Spin & Slide, one of a number of BMW Track Day Experiences at Goodwood Motor Circuit, replicates conditions on icy or slippery roads with a special low-grip surface. With the right amount of rev, traction control and timely turning, it's basically ballet in a BMW. By the end of my hour session, I had almost mastered this exhilirating art of driving, although my instructor did comment - not without reason - that I often played it too safe. Let's face it, would you think me a speed demon?

Of course, this being a fashion blog, I had hoped to steer some style into this feature by shooting my Spin & Slide ensemble, which had included Uniqlo Selvedge denim jeans, a Topman jersey blazer, and a Joseph Abboud scarf. However, any chance of a shoot was gracelessly blown away by 40mph winds. Not even my strongest hairspray could contend with the gusts and gales that threatened to knock over not only my tripod, but myself too. The one place you wanted to be that morning was inside a car, and thankfully there were plenty of those around.

Goodwood Goodwood Goodwood Goodwood Goodwood Goodwood Goodwood Goodwood Goodwood Goodwood

This blog post is in collaboration with BMW. All opinions, however, are my own.

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