3 May 2016

Maison Lejaby Passion

Let's return to a subject seldom spoken on this blog, for the obvious reason that I do not possess a pair of boobs. Ladies lingerie is a matter I explored only briefly during mine and Lizzie's appointment last year at renowned lingerie stylists Rigby & Peller, during which I came to appreciate lingerie beyond the normal expectations of the male conscience. When made well, it is an elegant aspect of womenswear that may imbue grace and confidence in the wearer, even if nobody else bar the wearer will see what sits beneath her outfit.

Maison Lejaby Passion

Lingerie isn't limited to underwear, however. Nightwear, too, is as important a stem of lingerie as any. And we're not talking here about novelty pyjamas. Throwing aside her typical nighttime attire, Lizzie models a luxurious Maison Lejaby "Passion" nightdress, or babydoll, in black featherweight fabric. The beautiful quality of this particular number is evident by the intricate embroidery of Leavers Lace (a name you may recognise from the previous series of The Apprentice), generously detailed not only across the cups, but also on the back, and tidily fastened with a satin bow.

Unlike the nightgown Lizzie had tried on at Rigby & Peller's Knightsbridge boutique, the "Passion" nightdress cuts short on the thighs, however it is equally as effectual in revealing - yet concealing - the woman underneath. While ladies' lingerie does expose much of the body, I believe the sexiest element of such undergarments is their finesse of leaving all else to the imagination - that in which Maison Lejaby excels across their collections.

Maison Lejaby Passion Maison Lejaby Passion Maison Lejaby Passion Maison Lejaby Passion Maison Lejaby Passion Maison Lejaby Passion

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