9 May 2016

Flower crowns and fashion bloggers

When you acknowledge the style blogging community is largely populated by women, it's not unsurprising I'm often the only male blogger in attendance at blogger events. That said, I can't think of too many guys who would have readily accepted an invitation to design flower crowns and screen-printed tote bags - myself included. But after Paige kindly invited me along to My Chelsea Hotel for a summer style workshop, I found myself having as much fun as the ladies in constructing my own floral headpiece. (Even if I did attract more than a few side-ward glances on the return walk up King's Road.)

My Chelsea Hotel

The intimate workshop celebrated the perfect partnership between My Chelsea Hotel and print designer Silken Favours, whose beautiful bee design cushions in turn reflect the partnership between the My Hotels Group and environmental charity Friends of the Earth, specifically their "Bee Cause" campaign to support the conservation of bees. 50% profit from the sale of the cushions is donated to the campaign, and My Chelsea Hotel has even installed a beehive on its roof.

With environmental responsibility clearly at the heart of the afternoon's activities, the gathering of bloggers were treated to a craft workshop with textile designer Zeena, who offered us the opportunity to screen print our own tote bags with a Silken Favours design, followed then by a flower crown masterclass with Miss Victoria's Floral Emporium and her stunning selection of fresh blooms. I especially relished in creating the floral headpiece, which required a steady hand and a keen eye for pattern and colour. It was almost disappointing there wasn't a wedding that weekend to show off the handiwork perched atop my quiff.

My Chelsea Hotel My Chelsea Hotel My Chelsea Hotel My Chelsea Hotel My Chelsea Hotel My Chelsea Hotel My Chelsea Hotel My Chelsea Hotel My Chelsea Hotel My Chelsea Hotel My Chelsea Hotel My Chelsea Hotel

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