19 February 2020

The Bloggers' Market

The Bloggers' Market

Although limited by my new responsiblities at work, I'm deadly resolved to revitalise my blog to some degree of its former reputation, which means encouraging myself to get out more with my camera. Weeknights are often out of the question; events in London are too taxing when I factor in the travel, the distinct lack of food (canap├ęs certainly don't count as dinner), and my aim to be back in the office by 8 o'clock the following morning. But say I had a spare weekend, when the weather were fair enough for a stroll with my Canon 6D... I wouldn't have much of an excuse not to, would I?

Such a weekend presented itself earlier in February, when I awoke to an unexpectedly sunny Saturday piercing the gap between my curtains. Half of me wanted to relish the lie-in that the working week had deprived me, but the call of London and The Bloggers' Market was strong enough to pull me out of bed. Two hours later I was in Camden, camera in hand, and surrounded by familiar faces I hadn't seen beyond Instagram for some years.

I attended the first edition of The Bloggers' Market back in January 2015, which was a simple yet ingenious way for five of London's favourite bloggers to relieve their overflowing wardrobes. The turnout was unprecedented for their inaugural event; I remember thinking I might be getting in everyone's way, especially when any serious inclination to wear women's clothing, however stylish, would be a few years ahead. But the market had been such a success that Olivia, Lucy, Carrie, Kristabel and Dunya hosted a second that same year, relocating to the Hoxton Hotel in Holborn and hiring extra hands.

So why did I attend, if not to buy a pre-loved something or other I'd seen worn by one of the girls? As I had noted in one of my earlier blog posts, The Bloggers' Market felt akin to the blogger meet-ups I had attended in the formative years of Unlimited by JK, where the gain was in friendship, bounded by a strong sense of community. I wrote not long ago whether such meet-ups still happen, therefore I was pleasantly surprised to learn of the fifth edition of The Bloggers' Market (I somehow missed the third and fourth) after a three-year hiatus. In a way, I too feel like I've been on a hiatus of sorts, given the sporadicity of my blog features since 2016.

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The latest edition of The Bloggers' Market returned to North London, this time at Camden Collective, a former auction house turned creative co-working space between Camden High Street and Kentish Town Road. With its painted brick walls and exposed structure, the building was the ideal venue for a day dedicated to secondhand style. Three of the original five founders, Kristabel, Lucy and Carrie, led the charge with stalls laden with pre-loved pieces and a few of their own original wares, alongside special guest bloggers and Instagrammers Alice & Hannah of Belle & Bunty, Georgia Luisa Meramo, Jordan Emily Brown of Hello Miss Jordan, Nicole Ocran of The Noteworthy, and Zeena Shah.

The atmosphere in the market matched the sunny day outside, and I couldn't help smiling at the familiarity of it all. After helping myself to a cup of masala tea from Amala Chai, a start-up business founded within the Camden Collective Auction Rooms, I set about doing what I do best - creeping around with my needlessly heavy camera. In all seriousness though, it felt so amazing to be shooting an event like this again, without any brand incentive, purely for the love of it.

On this occasion, however, I did have a proper rummage among the clothes on offer, in case a dress or jacket could possibly find its way into my drag cupboard. After a couple of hours of shooting, perusing, and catching up with the ladies, I came away from the market with three of Lucy's chunky necklaces, having been seduced by the onslaught of colour at her stall. Before I parted, she mentioned this may be the last of The Bloggers' Market; knowing how life can get in the way, it wouldn't be unexpected. But I sincerely hope there is another, even if in another three years' time. I'm sure I'll have a few items of my own to sell, if there is space for one more stall.
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