1 February 2015

The Bloggers' Market

When five of the internet's favourite blogging gals announce they're selling off their pretty clothes for as little as 50p a piece, it would be foolish not to expect a bit of a rampage. The frantic sale was held inside The Foundry, a delightfully quaint bar cum café overlooking the Camden Stables Market; its blend of contemporary furniture and rustic decor is a Pinterest paradise. To one side of the café were five stalls laden liberally with clothes and shoes, behind which five lovely ladies - Olivia, Dunya, Kristabel, Lucy and Carrie - were doing their utmost to engage the unforeseen throng of fellow bloggers adamant on parting them from their formerly trendy treasures. Imagine if charity shops did Boxing Day sales. Yeah, that.

The Bloggers' Market

Despite that I would look smashing in one of Olivia's dresses, I didn't visit to buy any wares. (Although I couldn't resist trying Olivia's delicious honeycomb brownies, which are an excuse in themselves to arrange a bloggers' bake sale. Just saying, Liv.) The Bloggers' Market was the opportune moment for a catch-up with friends Paige and Adora, who had bags filled with fashionable fancies within minutes of our arrival. And of course to say hello to Olivia, who remains the cheeriest and most charming young woman I have the pleasure of knowing, even when she finds herself surrounded by bloggers battling for her bargain blouse.

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