28 December 2010

Capes: A Few Thoughts

The 'must-have' look for the new year?

When browsing the post-Christmas sales in my hometown, I came across a few mannequins in Topshop sporting capes. Now, I don't know if capes have been the new trend for a while (though they probably have, and I've just been too ignorant of ladies' fashion recently to have noticed them earlier), but this is definitely the first time they've caught my eye.

So what do I think of them? Well, it should firstly be noted that - as evident from the title - this is not a review. It would be imprudent of me to properly judge such an item when I've had no one try any on. However, from what I saw in Topshop, ladies' capes look so chic. Although probably not as warm as actual coats, they're certainly a lighter alternative and come in a sufficient variety of styles and colours. 

But after finding these capes, two questions popped into my head: Will fashion retailers one day stock equally stylish capes for men? And will an emergence of capes eventually lead to a future appearance of cloaks on the high street? In my opinion, it's worth discussing.

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