19 December 2010

Westfield Shopping Centre, London: A Review

Possibly a shopper's paradise...

My first impression of the Westfield Shopping Centre was that it was big. Very big. And that was just by looking at the interactive map on the web. When I actually found myself wandering past its numerous stores, only then did I realise how huge the complex is. Though it must be said that size isn't the only aspect in which it has merit. This is one amazing place to do your Christmas shopping.

Dusting off the snow, I entered the shopping centre via 'The Village', where shoppers with deeper pockets can buy from a selection of designer stores - including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Fred Perry - and sip on a casual drink at a champagne bar. Of course, I didn't buy any items from here, though the various selections of designer bags are always pleasing enough to just admire.

  Thankfully, in the rest of the centre, there are a great number of more affordable and recognisable high street stores, such as New Look, Schuh, Uniqlo and Superdry. These I browsed in and purchased from with much pleasure, with most having more items to choose from due to their larger sizes. Christmas shopping here was easy.

However, if you're looking for a really cheap deal, don't expect to find one unless there's a sale. You won't find a Primark in Westfield, which to some extent can be a little annoying. I, for example, wanted to purchase one or two pairs of cheap jeans, but alas, I could not. Nonetheless, this did not matter much, since the many other stores kept me otherwise entertained.

And for when you're feeling rather peckish after a round of browsing and buying, there are plenty of restaurants and food outlets to choose from - some widely recognised, others I believe to be exclusive to Westfield. However, just make sure you get a seat beforehand, otherwise you'll be doing laps with a heavy tray of food and your many bags of shopping. Trust me - it's not pleasant.

But all in all, Westfield Shopping Centre is by far one of the best shopping experiences I have had thus far. And if you're still in need of doing some Christmas shopping, I would certainly recommend visiting, because in its massive complex, you're bound to find the right gift for someone this festive season.

(For further information, visit the Westfield website)

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