14 December 2010

University Branded Clothing: A Review

A statement of pride over a statement of style

University branded clothing and accessories... Not exactly the height of fashion, to be fair. Then again, such clothing isn't about being fashionable - more about student identity and university pride. 

With the university's name or logo stitched into the material, university clothing is almost - in a way - uniform. Not that everyone has to wear it, mind you. I, for example, have yet to purchase any BU branded clothing from the Student Union shop (see right).

But many students have done. And the logo or university name... It's a label. Not a designer label expressing they can afford the priciest clothes on offer, but a label expressing a belonging with that particular university or college.

The university hoodie, for instance, albeit the most expensive choice, is the most popular when it comes to university clothing - probably because it's so practical in keeping students warm when the weather turns chilly. But regardless of the weather, a university hoodie - or any university branded clothing for that matter - screams to the world where a person studies or has studied, thus giving a glimpse into their identity and conveying a sense of pride in their uni.

So in essence, university branded clothing is more a statement of pride than a statement of fashion. I'm not saying uni clothing can't be made to look amazing in an outfit - I'll probably find someone on campus one day who'll do just that. But in all fairness, the important message it expresses isn't that you look fabulous in your hoodie, but rather you feel fabulous attending your uni.

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