25 March 2011

A Hint of Vintage

As the first fashion-related event I have attended as a fashion blogger, a sense of professionalism surrounded me as I made my way to A Hint of Vintage at Bar So, Bournemouth. Howbeit, this was immediately stifled when I pulled out my compact Sony Cybershot rather than a more qualified digital SLR. At which point, I decided to forget professionalism altogether and asked the barmaid straight out for sex on the beach. Unfortunately however, she gave me a cocktail instead. *BADUM TSH!*

Anyway, getting back to the event itself...

A Hint of Vintage was a charity function hosted by BU events management students in support of the Wessex Autistic Society. Features of the night included free cupcakes, half-price cocktails, goodie bags, a raffle, and a brilliant live music set from Flick White. Of course, in running with the vintage theme, there were also vintage clothing stalls from which one could purchase items from local vintage stores.

However, my question is this: why has vintage become so popular lately?

Although I am unsure whether it is the same case in other parts of the country, there has definitely been a rise in the vintage trend across the Bournemouth area, with about a dozen retailers to choose from. I will admit that I personally have yet to buy any vintage clothing, but I certainly see the appeal.

Whilst prices climb in our favourite high street stores, vintage clothing offers a cheaper alternative to great style. Although the majority of stock is second-hand, it should not be compared with the apparel of charity shops. No, what vintage stores offer are clothes and accessories from the long gone decades of the 20th Century - bags and hats from the 1920's, leather jackets from the 1950's, retro jumpers from the 1990's and so much more. Some items will even be unique finds, allowing you to create a truly original style in the current fashion climate.

However, in response to the growing popularity of vintage clothing, the high street are jumping on the bandwagon. Topshop, for example, has been finding inspiration from vintage pieces and including certain details into its own designs.

Nonetheless, as much as Topshop and other high street retailers can reproduce a "vintage style", it will never be inherently vintage. Such a trend will - like all other styles before it - become a shadow of last season and be replaced by new collections. Original vintage clothing, however, is - in spite of the obvious paradox - timeless, and can therefore always be incorporated into your personal style irrespective of the current fashion.

So why is vintage so popular? It's old fashions brought back to life, giving you a way to jazz up your contemporary wardrobe with original finds at bargain prices. It's a fashion revolution that anyone can come to love.

And after seeing the various collections at A Hint of Vintage, I'll be finding out more by visiting some of the many vintage retailers in the Bournemouth area. So keep your eyes open for more vintage blog posts in the near future.

(Thanks go to 2nd-year events management students, Laura Bowles, Jo Stevens, Hannah Anderson, Laura Meares, Fiona Coxsell and Emma Battman, for all their effort in making A Hint of Vintage an entertaining success)

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