20 March 2011

"Unconventional Chic"

If you've seen Lacoste's most recent campaign, you may have thought it to be a little odd. Polo shirts over formal attire is indeed unconventional, but I would guess most people agree it looks more silly than chic.

'Unconventional Chic' advertising campaign, as featured in GQ
However, it just goes to show that the advert has been successful in grabbing your attention. The unusual combination of tuxedo and polo shirt is certainly not something one would wear day-to-day, or even to any formal function I'm aware of, but it does draw one's eye to the polo shirt, René Lacoste's ingenious and innovative creation - the original statement of "unconventional chic".

To be fair, we do owe a lot to dear René. Without his champion thinking during his tennis career, we may not have the comforting polo shirts of today. I'm not saying you should go out and purchase his £65 masterstroke (although the little green crocodile is rather cute), but perhaps take a few seconds to think of where those piqué cotton shirts - which we take for granted - originally came from. Lacoste created an unconventional chic by transforming the style of the tennis shirt, and in doing so, he produced a timeless classic.

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