6 March 2011

Words from the author

First of all, I have to admit it's weird thinking of myself as the "author" of this blog. It makes me feel rather important and powerful, which is honestly not something I'm used to. Of course, I label myself a "fashion blogger", but giving myself a title really puts into perspective that this blog is mine, that I have responsibility for it. And when I think of that, I think of what I could achieve, and whilst it fills me with worth and a sense of ambition, it's sometimes a tad scary too.
I'll also admit I find it very difficult to pose
properly, whatever "properly" is...

But anyway, time for a little ramble...

With the blog officially reaching 4 months of activity in a few days time, I'd firstly like to thank everyone for following so far. I do hope you've enjoyed reading and viewing all my posts, and I hope you'll continue to subscribe. If you could also kindly share this blog with your friends and family, it would be sincerely appreciated. Post links on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or maybe even bring up the blog in your conversations. I see a big, bright future ahead for Unlimited by JK, but it can't be achieved without YOU, my wonderful followers, so thank you again for your support thus far.

As for me, I'm really enjoying managing this blog. The style-spotting, for example, is just fantastic. I love checking out other people's outfits during my day-to-day life, although I won't deny I'm still slightly nervous when approaching people - especially when the person I want to photograph is in a group. I reckon people feel flattered when I ask to take photos of their outfits, but if I were to single out one person in a group, I feel I'd be offending everyone else. "Excuse me, would it be okay for me to take a photo of you for my fashion blog, please? But only you, because your friends totally have no style." See? Awkward. Not that I'd say that second sentence, of course, but you get my point.

However, what I'm most enjoying is writing the personal style posts. There's a lot of freedom in blogging about what I wear and what I buy, and I love to share it with you. The only downside is that my parents will be able to find out what I've been spending with the money they give me each month, and I really do doubt they give it to me for clothes. Well, if my parents are reading this, I'm sorry and I do try to hold back, I really do. But if you've been following my Twitter posts, you'll have found out I'm a borderline shopping addict who goes through serious mental conflict when regularly browsing in stores, but not actually buying anything. I know it sounds hilarious, but it's true.

What is hilarious though is that instead of getting hooked on alcohol or drugs whilst at university, I've become hooked on clothes and blogging about them. My peers occasionally ask me how I have the time to blog so much. The answer: I have too much free time and don't go out enough. So if my university friends are reading this, which I hope they are, please get me out of my flat and into a nightclub or two!

But anyway, enough chit-chat from me. Thanks again for reading the blog. I'll have more photos and features heading your way very soon. I'll keep you posted.

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