7 April 2011

High Street Style

Today's featured style comes from Topshop. Colourful stripes - whether vertical or horizontal - draw the eye and help to flatter one's figure, while vintage-style pieces give each outfit a retro quality. These summer looks also seem flexible in that they'll look great whether you're wandering around town, strolling along the beach, or going for a walk in the more rural end of the suburbs. Bright and fashionable, chic but casual.


  1. Nice photograph but why not choose your own pieces from the store's collection which you think would complement one another and comment on that? Philip Green pays people to put together fashionable outfits on the models dotted around his store and in the shop window, of course the outfits pictured are going to be fashionable and look good together, someone has been paid /a lot/ of money for that precise reason. By very virtue of these items being on display, I know they're fashionable and chic.
    "Colourful stripes - whether vertical or horizontal - draw the eye and help to flatter one's figure, while vintage-style pieces give each outfit a retro quality." Your fashion advice here is somewhat contradictory - horizontal stripes are far less flattering than vertical, the former creating a widening effect, the latter lengthening and slimming. You also haven't commented on the effect of the width of the stripes, for example, thinner stripes are much more flattering than thicker ones. I'm also interested as to why you did not feel the need to comment on any other items from the display, such as the new trend for Barbour jackets (far right model), paper bag waists (middle model), or the regular summer revival of high-wasted shorts (far left model).
    Your style of writing is good, and I like the catchphrase-esque quip on the end 'Bright and fashionable, chic but casual', but I do have to say I think the piece is pretty weak as a fashion blog. Keep writing x.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    First of all, thank you for your suggestion about putting my own choice of pieces together. I have considered that and may even do it in the future. However, the point in these high street style posts is to provide readers with what the high street retailers themselves consider to be their "in" trends. Of course, readers could easily find this out by visiting their nearest stores, but I've found that different stores dress their mannequins with different outfits.

    Secondly, in response to your comment on stripes, I have to disagree. I find that both direction of stripes can be flattering for women. Yes, vertical is indeed slimming, but horizontal flatters curves. Also, I find that thinner stripes are not always more complimentary, especially if horizontal, however that might just be down to preference.

    And thirdly, I do understand that it would have been better had I commented on other aspects of the outfits, however I will admit I am still learning on the job, so as much as I have an interest in fashion, I am not yet an expert.

    In any case, thanks for your comment. I will certainly consider your points and try to develop further on future blog posts.

  3. Dear JK,

    Thank you for your response and I very much look forward to seeing future posts of yours, differing opinions on stripes aside!


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