4 April 2011

The unstylish kind of fur

Having returned home for the Easter break, I find myself in a style dilemma I am no stranger to. Over many years, I have found ways in which to prevent this particular problem from getting out of hand, but I have yet to stumble upon a solution to eliminate it altogether.

So what's the source of my distress...?

Clockwise from top left: Bailey, Chloe, Indie and Tiptoes
My cats - both a joy and pain to live with. My life would not be complete without these cuddly creatures, yet - as any cat owner will know - wearing dark clothes is dangerous business. If I were to say I've never worn fur, I would be lying, because it's hard to escape my house without having my indigo jeans or black jumper covered in the stuff. This is fur at its most unattractive. 
At this point in the blog post, it would seem appropriate to feature a photo of my clothes covered in my adorable cats' not-so-adorable moultings, however that would involve me purposefully allowing them to be carpeted in fur, and that is not an option. Instead, I've included an image of the cats' blanket, which is currently at a stage I hope my clothes will never ever reach.

So for the next few weeks, I'll be trying my hardest to prevent my clothes from becoming nearly as furry as the cats themselves, but no doubt it will be a challenge with four felines scampering around at my feet every single day. Here's a rundown of some of the potential victims this Easter break...

Black pinstriped shirt, Topman
Black 511 skinny jeans, Levi's

Star Wars t-shirt, Divided by H&M
Navy granddad jumper, Topman

Hopefully, the four items shown above - along with the rest of my dark clothes - won't be subjected to a similar fate as the cats' blanket, though I reckon I'll need the clothes brush at least once during my stay. As the days get warmer, the house is going to get furrier, but alas that is the price I must pay for such wonderful pets.

Nonetheless, the point still stands - I've never worn a fur coat of my own, but I reckon I've definitely worn theirs.

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