20 June 2011

The DIY Denim Project (patching up my jeans): Part I

As I noted in an earlier personal style post about my yellow All-Star trainers, my denim flare jeans have succumbed to wear and tear. During April, a hole appeared in the knee of the right trouser leg, which I have attempted to sew up twice without success.

But today, I trekked all the way along the Winton high street in the pouring rain to a small haberdashery, where I purchased 25cm of blue denim for £1.25. The plan - to patch up my jeans. I'll admit it doesn't sound exciting or very adventurous, but having owned these flare jeans for three years, I'm not ready to give up on them just yet.

Although patches on denim clothing in the current fashion are usually made from brown suede or leather, I chose blue denim to maintain my jeans' somewhat vintage appeal. Blue denim is the traditional material used in making pairs of jeans, so there's nothing much that can go wrong when you're patching denim with denim. With other colours and fabrics, the outcome might not be as aethetically pleasing as one may have hoped.

However, with the material I purchased, I found I have a choice. On one side, there's the blue denim which compelled me to purchase a cut; on the reverse, a far paler colour that almost matches the lighter blue of my flares. Thus the question I have now is... Which blue would be better suited for the task?

So tomorrow, or perhaps when I return home to Woking at the end of the week (when I can ask for my mother's or sister's assistance should I get into a fiddle), I shall finally seal up the hole that has cursed my beloved flares. Which blue shall I use? What will be the outcome? Keep an eye out for "The DIY Denim Project: Part II" coming soon.


  1. Anonymous20 June, 2011

    How about of a pic with you in nothing but the jeans ;) ?

  2. Ha ha, I'm afraid my torso isn't sexy enough for the world wide web just yet.


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