1 June 2011

New camera... Let's get shooting!

Having finally purchased my new digital SLR camera, I can see a happy month ahead. I would like to express a massive thank you to my family and my dear friend, Claire, for all the birthday money that enabled me to buy the Sony Alpha. With a more professional camera to work with, I can bring this style blog to an equally more professional level. Photo shoots, catwalk shows and higher quality images will hopefully become a common sight at www.unlimitedbyjk.com from now on.

Although the cheapest DSLR camera on offer, the image quality and shutter speed is sufficient for future photo shoots and catwalk shows, where both these elements will be crucial for capturing that perfect shot. My compact Sony Cybershot has served me well, but it will now play a side role in the production of this fashion blog.

Next week, I'll be putting my new camera to the test when I attend Graduate Fashion Week. As a thank you for last month's feature on the AUCB Fashion Studies end-of-year show, Anne Chaisty, course leader for BA (Hons) Fashion Studies, has given me two free tickets to their Earls Court show on Tuesday 7th. Although this will be my second experience of a fashion show, it will be my first with a proper runway, so you can imagine how much I'm looking forward to it. Accompanying me will be fellow BAMMJ and fashion journalist Rosanna Cole, who will no doubt be writing up on the event too. You can guarantee I'll be snapping away with my camera, and maybe I'll make some important or influential contacts in the fashion industry!

As far as photo shoots go, I have none confirmed as yet, but that doesn't mean I have none planned. This month, I hope to take my first steps towards understanding the beauty aspect of fashion with a blog post on nails and nail colour - expect plenty of photos of plain, patterned and novelty painted nails. I also hope to have a Doctor Who themed shoot in commemoration of the wonderful sci-fi series. I have a sonic screwdriver and TARDIS at the ready; now I just need some models.

Then there's the general style-spotting, which should prove much more efficient now I have a better-looking and better quality camera. It's always been that incy-wincy bit embarrassing when I take a photo of someone on the street with a compact - it just doesn't have that sense of professionalism. However, that should hopefully change when I wander around Bournemouth with my Sony Alpha instead.

All in all, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, this month is looking to be a good one. My birthday money is gone, but I now have a new gadget to play with. And although this will be my last month in Bournemouth until after the summer, I'll definitely be making the most of it! Let's get shooting.

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