7 July 2011

Belated birthday gifts

Admittedly, this blog post in itself is belated, since I received the the following birthday presents two weeks ago while still in Bournemouth. However, I have been meaning to blog about my gifts, so here they are...

From Lauren (whose nail art I featured two weeks ago), I received two bars of Galaxy chocolate and three pairs of themed socks - Animal from The Muppets, Mr T Weenicon, and Lego Star Wars. When it comes to socks, I usually prefer to wear patterned pairs, but these are still funky. As for the chocolate... Well, I was peckish.

But from Lilly, I received a special gift that should prove useful in my future fashion photography ventures - "The Fashion Photography Course: First Principles to Successful Shoot - the Essential Guide". A bit of a mouthful for a book title, so I just refer to it as the fashion photography book.

Though in spite of its long title, the book truly is an essential guide, containing all I need to know about achieving a successful photo shoot. From cameras to lighting, from inspiration to editing, the book is a genius. Or at least its author is. The chapter on editing techniques, for example, was particularly interesting, having introduced me to the very exciting 'liquify' option on Photoshop. However, since I am in support of natural beauty, you won't see any "digital boob jobs" or such like on this blog.

And that's about it - a few lovely gifts from two good friends. Next year, I leave the teens and turn the big two-zero (well, it seems big), so I wonder what presents I'll be getting then? If any, of course.

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