12 July 2011

The infamous neckties

If there's anything my former sixth form colleagues will remember about me, I'm sure my vibrant neckties will be high on the list. Due to a business wear policy implemented in my final year, smart attire was a must, but while my peers donned open collars, I preferred to look that extra bit sharper, if not more colourful too.

From left: white, neon pink, orange, yellow, neon green, green, blue, lavender,
purple/gold paisley, silver, brass, leopard print, khaki green, black, old school tie
As you can imagine, the brightly coloured ties always caught my eye, however in my naivety, I never thought their lucidity would lead to teasing and a plentitude of 'peanutting'. The yellow tie in particular seemed to cause the most grief for my fellow students, of whom some feigned being blinded by its luminescence.

Then again, what is so wrong with a slither of colour? Although an individual who enjoys wearing formal attire, I don't like to come across as too serious. I like to think the bright colours reflect my enthusiastic and free-spirited personality, adding a playful tone to the confidence and classiness I try to portray in wearing formal pieces.

But though the the vibrancy of my ties might be burnt into my classmates' memories, the teachers were at least impressed, voting me "best dressed boy" at the end-of-year dinner dance. Not that I like to boast about it, of course - it is only a small award after all. Nevertheless, it was still nice to know my efforts in dressing smartly were not in vain.

One year later, my infamous neckties are still with me, now folded neatly in a drawer at home. I'm just waiting for next week, when I can wear them to work experience with the Woking Informer. My only query - which tie is best for first impressions?

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