19 July 2011

H&M Autumn Catalogue

Yesterday, the H&M catalogue for next season's collections popped through the letterbox. Having had a flick through its 403 pages, I was in awe at not only some of the new pieces, but also at the photos captured in the shoots.

Set against New York backdrops, the photos appealed to my love for both fashion photography and the beautiful NYC. The female models especially look stunning, wearing gorgeous smiles as well as the stylish H&M apparel. Although featured in but a mere catalogue, I was impressed by the quality and perfection of the photographs, and I hope that one day, it'll be me calling the shots.

The photos also proved to me that a successful shoot really can sell fashion, since I am now inclined to buy the new ladies' collection for my friends - although they shouldn't get their hopes up, since I don't have the money to go further than 'inclined'!

(To order your free copy of the H&M autumn catalogue, click here)

1 comment:

  1. This is the best catalogue I've seen so far its amazing the models are very attractive and poise very nice. Great blog looking forward for more info.



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