4 January 2012

New laptop

This week, my blogging lifestyle returns to normal with the arrival of my new Toshiba laptop. It means all my Christmas money is now gone, but it was completely worth replacing my previous computer for something far more reliable.

For those who haven't heard the tragedy that befell my Hewlett Packard G62-107 SA, its motherboard fried - something which HP computers are supposedly notorious for after 12 to 18 months of use (although PC World would never have told me that when the warranty lasts only a year). So I'm hoping my new Toshiba won't pack out on me too.

The only thing left to do is recover all the data from my dead laptop. It sounds very silly, but I've really missed my photos. And once they are transferred onto the new computer, they'll be backed up twice in case I have another unfortunate mishap.

And how will this affect my blog posts? Not by much, although it will make it easier to publish my photos and blog posts more quickly and regularly. You only need to sit back while I continue doing what I love.

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