8 January 2012

New year resolutions

It's been a week since New Year's Day, but now I'm back in Bournemouth, I can finally make my new year resolutions a reality - some personal and some for this blog. The first, which I am rather excited about, is learning to play the piano/keyboard. I have wanted to learn since I was about 16, but I have never had the drive until now. My Nana has even graciously lent me her old keyboard with which to practice.

A second personal resolution is to return to the gym to build muscle and put on extra weight. Due to a very high metabolism, all signs of my Christmas and New Year holiday feasts are non-existent, thus I remain stupidly slim and slightly underweight. With help from the university gym, however, I aim to improve my arms and upper body, which will hopefully make me look healthier and fitter by the summer. After all, guys have as much right to a beach body as ladies.

But for the blog, my chief aim is to order business cards - a simple task I should have done months ago! I'll have to do it soon though, as I want them ready before I go to London Fashion Week. My thinking is that if I hand a business card to every person I photograph or interview, my blog will grow from strength to strength with more subscribers.

Another resolution is to do more style spotting, especially with more natural poses and in alternative locations besides Bournemouth. I would love my street style photography to be admired as much as, let's say, 'The Sartorialist', 'Fashionistable' or 'Street Peeper' in a few years' time, so I had better get snapping!

And finally, my last resolution is to attend more fashion events and blogger meets. Networking and knowledge-building is vital for the success of Unlimited by JK and my career, so I shall do all I can to make those all-important connections. I have already had the pleasure to get to know several wonderful bloggers, including Lyzi (Being Little) and Bee (Vivatramp) at the Bristol blogger meet, and I am sure I will meet plenty more at the upcoming Fashion Week.

So there you have it - my 2012 resolutions. And now that it's typed out for the world to see, I have no excuse to ignore them. Wish me luck!

(P.S. I have decided to begin underlining my links, just so you recognise them as links.)

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  1. My resolution is to get business cards done too. I've been meaning to do it for months! And yay to attending more events. :) x


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