10 May 2012

18 months more

Unlimited by JK turns eighteen months old today, which would infer I am now the author of an established fashion blog. Therefore, if it is not too boring, I want to speak somewhat about how I have done so far, and also what I plan and hope for the future in terms of my career. I would love your input and advice too, which you can offer in a comment below.

Later on this month, I will be turning twenty years old, and shortly after, I will finish my second year of my journalism course at Bournemouth University. Both of these dates are meaningful in the sense it won't be long until I have to officially pursue a career. I have a few friends in the third year who are currently at this stage, finishing their dissertations and seeking employment. As such, knowing I only have a year left is fairly daunting.

Over the past year and a half, my blog has benefited my confidence and journalism, and it has provided me with something I very much enjoy doing. I generally don't get anything in return besides a sense of accomplishment, but it continues to offer me new and exciting opportunities. My eventual goal, however, is to become a nationally renowned fashion blogger, photographer and journalist - ambitious, but achievable.

But of course, it is going to take more than my blog to get me there. I have a degree to finish, an NCTJ diploma to complete, and plenty more work experience to undertake.
Contacts are useful too. I have made dozens already, though I could indeed have more.
If you know of anyone yourselves who you could put me in touch with (photographers, journalists, PR officers, etc), it would be extremely appreciated.

So all in all, I am essentially asking for another eighteen months more of good fortune and wonderful opportunities. When I graduate next year, I want to live in London (hopefully with a few BAMMJ coursemates), photograph stylish people everyday, have a paid job as a journalist, and - most importantly - continue to enjoy myself.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far too. Thank you for your all your support along the way. Feel free to contact me if you ever want to chat, ask me any questions, discuss any job opportunities, or even just to meet up for lunch.

(P.S. If you haven't done so already, please nominate me for "best new fashion blogger" in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards! Nominations close on Saturday 30th June 2012.)

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