1 May 2012

Would you believe a squirrel posed for me?

The grey squirrels that inhabit Bournemouth's Lower Gardens are posers. From what I witnessed yesterday afternoon, this dray of twitchy, bounding, furry critters were trying their luck at achieving stardom, posing for every camera that pointed in their direction. Well guess what, little creatures? Your whiskers and bushy tails made it onto my blog.

(P.S. These photos were taken using a fixed 28mm lens, which means I was positioned very close to each squirrel I photographed. They aren't shy at all, are they?)


  1. Nice shots. Especially dig the first pic! You really can get anyone to pose for you, man :P

  2. Just found your blog, I adore your photos and your sense of style is so fierce, and that Squirrel is a cutie!


  3. The shots where it is looking straight at you are genius. Xxxx


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