19 May 2012

It's my 20th birthday!

I am now twenty years old - isn't that something? Time has flown by, but I'm glad of it, because being a teenager was beginning to feel too young, if such a thought is possible. Now in my third decade of life's great journey, I have a lot to look forward to - my final year at university, graduation, kick-starting my career, perhaps meeting someone special, settling down, getting a cat... All wonderful stuff, eh?

Today, I am having my Wonderland tea party in Bournemouth's Central Gardens, with a vintage-esque dress code for all guests. I even bought myself teacups and saucers for the occasion. I am very excited, as you can imagine. I plan on eating lots of cake, taking a hundred photos, and strutting/dancing around in my vintage outfit, which I have been saving since the Easter weekend. I will show you some of my photographs tomorrow.

To those of my friends who are joining me today, I thank you kindly for your attendance. I hope the good weather will hold up, and that we all have a good time. To those who are unable to make it, you will be missing out on some very special Creme Egg rocky road!

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