17 July 2012

Star Wars Olympics

In this Olympic year, the sports theme is seeping into fashion, and my favourite example so far has to be this Star Wars t-shirt from Next. Suffice it to say, I snapped it up faster than Usain Bolt can sprint the men's 100m (okay, maybe not that fast).

For a reasonable £18, the t-shirt pleases my inner geek. This is now my second Star Wars t-shirt, but for its comical cartoon, this is my favourite of the two. The illustration depicts three Stormtroopers, Darth Vader and Boba Fett, all raring to race in what could either be a Star Wars equivalent of the Olympics, or perhaps a corporate day out for the Galactic Empire. I like to think that Darth Vader would implement Force speed and outlap his fellow contenders, but admittedly, he is more or less an asthmatic.

In fact, the t-shirt's graphic reminds me of an occasion not too long ago, when I had the pleasure of watching two Dorset Troopers race each other at the Kinson Donkey Derby. It is not everyday you see a Scout Trooper and a Shadow Trooper running the 100m.

But aside from its sci-fi resplendence, I have also noticed the Star Wars t-shirt feels softer and somewhat thicker than my other t-shirts. Of course, this is no less than a good thing, since comfort is key to any purchase. I suppose you could argue that paying a little extra for something as basic as a t-shirt does indeed make a difference.

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