1 July 2012

Summer blogging

Funny story - I had stated on Facebook that I would be taking a break from blogging today. That didn't last long, did it? In all seriousness though, my housemate might be correct when he says I am treading a fine line between dedication and a blogging addiction. I cannot disagree with him.

But moving on swiftly, I offer you a round-up of what will be happening this month and beyond, including a new and exciting project...

Firstly, having finished my second year at university, I can now look forward to a long summer filled with fun past times (hooray!) and dissertation research (boo!). Thankfully however, my dissertation topic concerns fashion blogs, therefore I will be calling upon the many wonderful contacts I have made over the past year for their views and input. Yes, you know who you are, fine ladies and gentlemen!

Which brings me nicely onto the central event of July - the bloggers' picnic in Hyde Park. At present, I will be a lone man among a sea of stylish ladies brought together by a mutual interest in blogging and looking pretty. There will definitely be cupcakes, and I am sure I will not arrive empty-handed either. Plans for the bloggers' picnic on Saturday 21st July are currently "in the works", but hopefully a casual game plan (and possible plan b in the circumstance of rainy weather) will be revealed soon.

Also happening this July, more street style! At least I hope this is the case. I had also mentioned on the Unlimited by JK Facebook page that I will no longer be blogging on an absolute daily basis, but after today's desperate need to publish something, this may not work out well. Hence street style photos will be an even more regular occurrence.

The only issue I have with this, however, is that I need a month's worth to cover my time away at the end of summer, when I am on holiday and then on a work placement. Blogging and photo-taking will obviously be limited. I can seek comfort in the fact that afterwards is London Fashion Week, but until then, my salvation lies in the outfits of Bournemouth's fashionistas, wherever they might be. Although a couple of trips into London and hanging about in the right places could certainly provide me with my street style quota if needed.

And finally, the exciting project: "Pebble Magazine" - a new webzine covering fashion, music, culture, lifestyle and beauty, plus a wide array of topical features. Its conception was not my doing, but I have been assigned the position of Assistant Editor, so I shall be undertaking many responsibilities. At the moment, it is nothing more than an idea, slowly taking shape into what I hope will be something gripping and eye-catching. To follow our progress, you can follow @pebblezine on Twitter.

And that is about it for now. You can always find out more throughout the summer via my Twitter (@unlimitedbyjk). Thank you for your support and interest - it means a lot!

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