21 November 2012

Etre Fivepoint touchscreen gloves

Perhaps the most useful accessories I have been asked to review, Etre Fivepoint gloves are my saviour during these colder months. Their practicality is twofold - keeping your hands warm, whilst maintaining compatibility for touchscreen devices. Because I suffer from poor blood circulation in my hands, I tend to wear gloves from October onwards, therefore a pair of Etre gloves were a most welcome addition to my winter wardrobe.

Etre touchscreen gloves

Touchscreen gloves are a highlight of the high street this season - winterwear has had to adapt to our technological needs. The tips of the gloves are conductive, which enables the wearer to use their tablet or mobile phone with the same ease as without wearing gloves.

In the case of Etre Fivepoint, all five tips are functional (hence the gloves' namesake). The contrasting fabric accents the practicality, in addition to serving as a simplistically stylish design element. I particularly like my combination of Oxford blue with pearl grey.

It may be prudent to mention, however, that Etre touchscreen gloves do not belong in the same league as those from high street labels. While there is a likeness in appearance and basic fuction, the quality of Etre Fivepoint is arguably superior.

Etre touchscreen gloves

Firstly, compared with a pair of Topman gloves, for example, Etre gloves are made with virgin wool (spun for the first time) rather than acrylic. The difference being that the Etre Fivepoint gloves are lighter, softer, and absent of the irritation caused by synthetic fibres.

I have also found that Etre gloves tend to keep my hands warmer for longer, even during rainy spells. While I have yet to test them in freezing conditions (though I am sure such a time is just around the corner), they have sufficed thus far in keeping my fingers toasty. Previous gloves from high street brands, including H&M, have failed to do as such after an hour in the bitter cold. Points for comfort and effectiveness.

However, a better quality product does come a higher price. Etre Fivepoint gloves are available to buy for £40 a pair, which is at least £30 more than high street equivalents. Example figures include £10 at River Island, £8 at ASOS and Topman, and £2.99 at H&M. Therefore the question you have to ask yourself is: quality or affordability?

As a student, my budget is tight. Had I not been gifted these gloves by Etre to review, it is doubtful I would have considered forking out. But having had the opportunity to test and compare, future purchases will be made with more thought.

I do not expect I will be able to comfortably afford garments from designer or heritage brands for a long while yet, however I would still argue it is better to invest more in one high-quality product than to spend less on a dozen low-quality products. Such can be applied to the Etre Fivepoint gloves.

(Learn more at www.etreshop.com)

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