26 November 2012

Qulit S/S 13

By far my favourite label at the Blow PR S/S 13 press day, 'Qulit' crafts jackets, vests and shorts with exotic skins and striking stud detail. The most distinguished pieces from next year's collection are two biker jackets (pictured immediately below), made from sea bass and python skins respectively, plus contrasting lapels.

Qulit SS13

The sea bass jacket in particular is perhaps the most intriguing garment, because sea bass is such an unusual skin to work with. The flaky texture and rich sea-green hue make for a worthy statement jacket.

But the definitive detail is in the studs, which I would aptly describe as beautifully deadly. The spikes resting on the jackets' shoulders are alluring, yet dangerously sharp, hence it shouldn't surprise you to learn that I pricked my finger as a result of my eager curiosity. Knocking into someone on a busy street would have to be avoided, although the spikes may just be intimidating enough to part the sea of people.

Qulit SS13

I certainly wouldn't mind a Qulit jacket for myself. The combination of snazzy skins and studded shoulders are highly covetable. As such, I am extremely envious of style blogger Toni Tran, who proudly owns the black and pink jacket, as featured recently on his blog.


  1. Amazing! 'beautifully deadly' <3


  2. Amazing article, love this post! Deadly for fashion.

  3. I just really love it all


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