10 November 2013


Yes, I am finally a graduate. And I find it exceptionally appropriate to be celebrating my graduation on the same weekend as my blog's third birthday, officially marking this new chapter in my working life. I am a completely different person to the eighteen year old boy who began this blog, having gained - with encouragement - a confidence and love for life I did not previously possess.


Graduation was a long-awaited affair, since I finished my university course back in July. The ceremony itself was lengthy, with hundreds upon hundreds of Media School students collecting their Diplomas, Masters, and Bachelor of Arts degrees. Receiving my second class honours took all of about ten seconds, but I was excited to reach this finale in my education and focus on making my way in the world.


Though what I felt following my graduation was not the jubilation I had expected. Rather I felt lost, wondering where I ought to be heading. I guess that is what comes of realising I am now officially a grown-up. This weekend has given me plenty of time to ponder, and I have decided on a few resolutions, including tackling my insecurities, opening up to the people I trust, and aiming higher in my job search.

Without university pinning me down, I would like to hope my fourth year of blogging will be even better than the previous. Although it will take a lot to beat a weekend in Miami, a secret Professor Green gig, shooting street style for Mr Porter and the Daily Express, and partying atop the Gherkin, among other fantastic opportunities. (Perks of being a fashion blogger, eh?) Thank you all for your continual support. Here is to a new start.

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