9 November 2013

Push PR Press Day: #HelloPetal

Push PR's floral-themed press day was the prettiest I have seen this season. Aptly named "#HelloPetal", the showroom in Clerkenwell had been lavishly decorated with wondrous bouquets by famed florist Nikki Tibbles, while guests were served colourful Bloom Gin cocktails garnished with rose buds, as well as creamy cupcakes adorned with carnations. Push PR certainly did push the boat out with this season's theme, and I look forward to seeing what their next press day has in store.

Push PR: Bloom Gin Push PR: Revival Push PR: Nikki Tibbles Push PR: Sonal Talgeri-Bhaskaran Push PR: Nikki Tibbles Push PR: Rachel Galley Push PR: Nikki Tibbles Push PR: Millionhands

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