30 November 2013

Uptown Boy

I would like to think I am a modest man, but just this once, I am going to say exactly what is going through my head when I look back at my photographs... Damn, I look dashing in a two-piece. You may be surprised to hear this is my first ever business suit. Although the only business I intend to get up to in this navy ensemble is drinking wine and partying the night away - in a civilised fashion, of course.

Tesco F&F navy suit

Remarkably, my new suit is not from my usual pick of the high street retailers, but rather the menswear department at Tesco Clothing. Having shot plenty of street style featuring supermarket brands, I am aware that labels such as F&F offer a plenitude of trendy and affordable fashions, but I had never thought to shop there for myself. This slim-fit suit, however, fits me perfectly, and retails at an economical £60 for both trousers and jacket, not that you would think it.

Tesco F&F navy suit

Having styled the suit with a white shirt and a velvet bow tie, I find myself at a midway point between two British icons, James Bond and Doctor Who. Given that I have a replica sonic screwdriver in my bedroom, I am likely leaning towards the latter, but I would hope I display the same air of sophistication as 007. If only a sharp suit could also guarantee his same magic with beautiful women.

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