1 August 2014

Cornerstone | Subscribe and Shave

Beards, unlike bow ties, are not my forte. By which I mean I am useless at growing one. That's not to say I don't try, but biology seems to be against me on this matter. After a week without shaving, all I have to show for my patience is an ever-so-slow-growing, patchy mess of prickly splinters. Sometimes I might briefly enter the "sexy stubble" stage, in which I look slightly more Mediterranean, but before I know it, my mother is soon saying I look dirty, and politely asking me to shave the dark fuzz from around my face.

Cornerstone Shaving

With that in mind, regular shaving is important. So agrees Oliver Bridge, founder of Cornerstone, who wondered if I might like to sample his company's brand spanking new shaving supplies. Never one to say no to a spot of pampering, my shave set promptly arrived the following week, in which I found all the essentials and, rather kindly, an aluminium razor handle engraved with my initials. (Scroll down for details on how to win your own personalised shave set!)

Cornerstone Shave Set

Cornerstone shave sets are sold as part of a tailored subscription package, supplying the customer with regular deliveries of their desired products - including face scrub, shave gel, post-shave balm and razors - reflecting the rhythm of one's shaving routine. For example, those who shave nearly every day would receive a new set every six weeks, whereas those who shave once a week or less would be re-supplied every 24 weeks. The idea is so remarkably simple, I am surprised nobody had thought of it before now.

The important question, then, is: does the quality of products reflect the ingenuity of the concept? In short, yes, although each step of my shaving experience came with a pleasant surprise. I admit I am not an expert in male grooming and skincare, but a face scrub reminiscent of Turkish mud baths was unexpected to say the least. The dark grey scrub, made with volcanic sand, exfoliated my skin and gave my reflection a wild visage.

Cornerstone Shaving

After rinsing my face clean, I then applied the ginger and eucalyptus shave gel - which smells amazing - and prepared for a foamy face. But much to my surprise (again), the gel remained... well, like a gel. I suppose the profusive froth produced by competitor products is rather unnecessary, collecting like fluffy clouds on the razor, before dissolving away in the sink.

Despite its minimality, the Cornerstone shave gel kept my face well-lubricated for the razor, which glided across my skin effortlessly, due in part also to the flexible, rubbery head. Best of all, even with one or two annoying spots, the blades didn't nick me once. In fact, I barely felt the razor mowing through my facial fuzz at all. How about that? Following another rinse and a towel-dry, I finally freshened my face with the post-shave balm, this one scented with mint and honey (which, according to my workmates, makes my face smell like chewing gum - but that's what every man wants, right?). 

Cornerstone Shaving

And the result? A clean face, a smooth finish, and no prickles in sight. I know shaving isn't exactly the hardest skill in a man's repertoire, but after my first shave with Cornerstone, I understand at last what all those TV ads mean by a "close and comfortable shave". And if that isn't the bees knees, my face smells absolutely delightful. Now, if somebody can sort out my patchy eyebrows, we will be good to go...

Cornerstone Shave Set

And now your chance to win your very own Cornerstone shave set, complete with personalised razor - simply follow this link, enter your e-mail address, and you're away! All entrants will also be offered a runner-up prize of a £10 gift voucher to spend at www.cornerstone.co.uk. The winner will be announced in the next couple of weeks, so keep a close eye on your inbox.

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