16 August 2014

Monsoon season

Come summer, the British weather has a knack of being predictably unpredictable. One minute, we're basking in glorious sunshine, stretched out like cats on a hot patio; the next, dark grey clouds are looming overhead, and we soon find ourselves dashing for cover from a sudden and heavy downpour - thunder and lightning on our tail.

This erratic weather tends not to bother me so much, when I am cooped up in an office all day, but it has made it very difficult lately to do my photography. After all, nobody fancies standing around in a storm, while I try to set up the perfect shot. (Not to mention water and expensive cameras don't mix!) That's not to say I haven't taken some unexpectedly wonderful photos in wet weather, but for the most part, rain is the bane of my life. Even more so, when weekend afternoons offer the only spare time to squeeze in some street style photography. A dreary day can set me back an entire week on blog posts. #streetstyleproblems

The other dilemma in this almost tropical climate is what to wear out and about. Raincoats keep you dry, but they also keep you too warm. And umbrellas... Well, I couldn't begin to tell you how many I have accidentally forgotten in restaurants and on public transport. The duck head umbrella pictured above is actually my second, after this nitwit left behind the first on a train at Waterloo, and didn't even realise it had mysteriously vanished until three hours later.

Here's hoping for a more Mediterranean weekend...

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