24 August 2014

Co-ords for Boys

With the summer holidays drawing to a close, and hints of autumn on the crisp air, one might suppose that shorts season is well and truly behind us. But heck, I consider myself an optimist. I remember stretching out on a hot and sunny Bournemouth Beach during mid-September, shortly before my first term at university. The following year, we then had a freak heatwave in October, which quite naturally demanded another week of sunbathing and impromptu beach barbecues. So there is hope for me and my shorts yet, even if the closest beach to me now is the bank of the River Thames.

Here, I have commandeered a trend more often seen in womenswear: "co-ords", or "co-ordinates" if you prefer. I can't say if Farah intended for these matching shirt and shorts to be worn together (the lookbook and website style them as separates), but I enjoy the almost seamless flow of colour and pattern, broken only by the brown leather of my belt. I thought this fun, bright and summery outfit might also do well with equally fun accessories, so I picked up a pair of tortoiseshell Spitfire sunglasses and a cartoon-styled Jump From Paper handbag - all set for my tropical staycation!

Spitfire sunglasses Farah Vintage Farah Vintage co-ords

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