11 February 2015

Mod Dolly at Pure London

Mod Dolly is a fashion label I have been following for some time now, due in part to being good friends with the company's chief designer and fashion assistant. Had that not been the case, I suppose I may have only given this quirky brand as much thought as I would any other, but I'm glad for the familiarity. Having heard so much from Amy and Paige, having seen the collections evolve, having even visited the studio with batches of my signature rocky road, I have come to fully appreciate the effort and creative process behind this playful, independent label. Behind the smiley bloggers in tartan smocks, there's a hard-working, hard-earning business.

Mod Dolly

Sunday morning, I went to visit Team Mod Dolly - including Sunday helpers Adora and Ellie - at Pure London, the sprawling maze of fashion brands and trade stands exhibiting at London Olympia. Each season, this massive trade show offers Mod Dolly invaluable opportunities to increase its customer base and expand as a company, by connecting with buyers and potential stockists.

With a combination of striking prints and vintage-esque styling, Mod Dolly has a distinctively fun flavour. The upcoming SS15 collection is looking rather snazzy too, and I haven't a doubt those sublime summery pieces will be a surefire success. Here's hoping for a Mod Dolly men's collection in the near future; I wouldn't mind seeing the same patterned fabrics made into smart shirts and suit jackets.

Mod Dolly Mod Dolly Mod Dolly Mod Dolly Mod Dolly Mod Dolly Mod Dolly Mod Dolly

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