18 March 2011

Classy Casual

As a supplement to an earlier style spotting post, I would like to express my own personal appeal to the blazer and t-shirt combination. From an ordinarily casual style, one can achieve instant class simply by wearing a smart jacket.

Long-sleeved striped t-shirt, Divided by H&M; black jersey blazer, Zara
During the post-Christmas sales, I was always in hope that H&M's well-fitted £50 blazers would find their way onto the sale rails at a more student-friendly price. Of course, 4 digits is all it would have taken to claim one of them as my own, but as much as I love to buy clothes, I do also like to sustain myself with a little something called food.

Blazer jacket, H&M  (Source: shop.hm.com)
So rather than forking out 3-4 week's worth of meal money, I opted instead for a super bargain from the Zara sale - a black jersey blazer priced at a reasonable £19.99. Trying it on in the store and later again at home, I found it fitted perfectly and noticed I looked a lot more suave, especially with my selection of t-shirts.

The green & white striped t-shirt featured in the above photo, for example, is one I purchased specifically to be worn with my Zara blazer. Not that the t-shirt doesn't work well by itself. And what's more, I even have a pair of stripy socks to match!

Nonetheless, it truly is astonishing what a difference a smart jacket can make to even the simplest of casual looks. Suddenly, all my t-shirts - printed, patterned and plain - have become classy when worn beneath my blazer.

And that, my dear friends and strangers, is all I will say on the matter. Yes, this personal style post has been somewhat short, but hey, what more can I say? Keep following the blog and be ready for many more personal style posts coming your way!


  1. George Roberts24 March, 2011

    You should so get that £50 blazer mate, it looks quality!

  2. Alan McBoogerballs25 March, 2011

    looks like you're about to murderise someone in the top pic..

  3. you could turn a straight man gay


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