8 October 2011

Vintage Fair, Bournemouth Pavilion

The photos below show a selection of the stylish shoppers at today's Vintage Fair. Their fashions certainly look vintage-esque, but none have been styled specifically for the event - these are the styles they wear day-to-day.
Fantastic fairisle jumper - perfect for this season. And it looks great tucked into 
her high-waisted shorts. Lovely hairstyle too.
This look just screams vintage, with an aged, rusty-coloured jumper contrasting 
against the newer and bluer dungarees from Urban Outfitters.
These two ladies were very enthusiastic when I asked to take their photograph. 
Two similar but also contrasting outfits, with my favourite pieces being the 
stripy printed blouse (left) from 'Clobber' in Pokesdown, and the bright red 
jacket (right) bought from a charity shop.
Another wonderful use of fairisle, weaved into the jumper, jacket and socks.
This girl is only 14, but you wouldn't think it. "I get that a lot," she told me. 
It's amazing (although at the same  time a little scary) what the right amount of 
make-up and a great dress sense such as this can achieve.
Simple and delicate, but striking with a pink blazer.
This elderly couple from Christchurch live for vintage, their wardrobes 
apparently filled with original suits and dresses from the early 20th Century.
My favourite pieces from these three outfits have to be the reddish jumper (left), 
the black scoop jumper (middle), and the polkadot dress with Peter Pan collar (right).

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  1. love their outfits! all! (:




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