7 July 2012

Green without envy

When one still has birthday money to spend, one tends to become overexcited at the promise of an ASOS sale. A few hours of browsing followed by a few clicks of the mouse, and I had ordered myself two new accessories, both coincidentally in the colour green.

The first purchase is a JanSport backpack, made with patterned wool outer and suede finishings. It is true I usually favour a messenger bag over a rucksack, but I have recently been suffering from shoulder- and back-ache, due to carrying too many heavy items all at once in my satchels. Therefore I opted for the practical solution of buying a backpack, however without compromising on fashion.

The bag is strong and extremely comfortable, even when loaded with my notebook computer, camera, additional lenses, and a packed lunch - handy for a day at London Fashion Week! I also find it to be very stylish in its green and black checked aesthetic, although the suede does mean I cannot wear it in the rain.

The second purchase was more of a treat than in anyway a necessity. These are a pair
of green suede derbies with leather soles, the second pair of green shoes I now have the pleasure of owning - the other being Converse trainers. But when it comes down to smart footwear, I am finding the routine black and brown leather to be slightly boring at times. These suede shoes are a snazzier alternative, and in their forest green shade, they work remarkably well with all my formal attire. Not to mention they match up perfectly with my new JanSport backpack!


  1. Absolutely LOVE those green shoes! Very dapper :)

  2. Nice, would wear

  3. I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING EVERYWHERE FOR THAT RUCKSACK! Do you have any idea where I can buy it??!!


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