5 September 2012

Zara swim shorts

An anonymous reader once suggested I publish a photo of myself in nothing but jeans. How about a swimsuit? My Zara swim shorts in navy blue were one of a few new items I took with me to Corfu, where I made good use of them in the villa's swimming pool.

By the pool - Spitfire babet sunglasses and Zara swim shorts.
Unlike floatier boardshorts, these swim shorts are stretchier and streamlined (my sister preferred "skimpy"), which makes them far superior in the water. After all, you wouldn't see an Olympic or Paralympic swimmer doing the 400m freestyle in floral board shorts, would you? ("But you're not a swimmer," my sister protested.) Their design, however, is fashionably simple - plain navy, with only a subtle lean towards high street couture in the metal aglets, engraved with 'ZARA MAN'.

Although on a more serious note, I would like to clarify it is less my vanity that led me to write this atypical personal style post, and more the chance to overcome a bout of body image insecurity. While it is often publicised that women lack body confidence, men can too, and in my case, it does often bother me that I have a less-than-muscular physique.

I admit my body image is a mixture of genetics and lifestyle. And two years ago, before I even stepped foot in a gym, my now ex-girlfriend said I was sexy. But though I may not be an extreme case in lacking body confidence, it is disheartening, sometimes emasculating, when I see far more muscular guys in my age bracket.

But despite my insecurities, I am proud of my body, even if I am as skinny as a plank, which is why I decided to share the photos above. Heck, you may even think me good-looking. (Don't worry, I won't take offence if you disagree!)

Anyway, it was tremendous fun swimming in Corfu, in the pool and the sea. And I happily had my top off for most of the holiday. Although I want to apologise to my sister if my "skimpy" swimwear was too revealing, which in all fairness, it probably was.


  1. Be proud of your body shape!

  2. You look great man!! I know all about the body confidence issues. Some of us would kill for the slim physique. Just enjoy it..:)

  3. You look great, believe me! But I understand you - I also have my thoughts about myself, but more and more I see we are great the way we are, believe me! Look, I'll write my URL here because it's usual when leaving a comment - anyway, just to say if you ever visit my blog, it's a "timid" simple one, started to overcome a very difficult time in my life - not superficial at all, I guarantee!
    Anyway, great that you had a nice time at the pool! And you do look fab with fab sunglasses too! Great taste!
    Will use the moo cards idea! Thanks!


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