28 September 2012

LFW press round-up

Apparently, my outfits ticked a few boxes at London Fashion Week. In particular, I am most pleased that my Unlimited by JK bag was of keen interest, which I am hoping will establish brand identity as much as generate more traffic to this blog.

It is very flattering having my photo taken, but I still prefer being behind the camera lens than in front of it. What annoys me most, however, are people who photograph me, then walk away without telling me where the image will be published. Below are photos I found while browsing website addresses provided by photographers courteous enough to give me a business card, and some who I had to chase after for URLs.

London Fashion Week, 18 September
Monday 17th September 2012 ~ Robert Schofield
Saturday 15th September 2012 ~ Fashion156
Monday 17th September 2012 ~ ASTONISHWorld
Friday 14th September 2012 ~ Wallsee.com
Saturday 15th September ~ Street Style Seconds
Monday 17th September 2012 ~ 40degreesbelowzero
Saturday 15th September 2012 ~ LaMode.info
Monday 17th September 2012 ~ Fashion4Men
Saturday 15th September 2012 ~ Pause Mag


  1. Love the red outfit! No wonder you got street style snapped!

  2. I concur. You look awesome!!

  3. Looking very dapper! My favourite is the red suit.

  4. Red suit is superb, and also love the yellow shirt, blue trouser, green shoe combo! Thanks for a really interesting blog, and loving the new online Mag too!


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