17 September 2012

Plastic, London Fashion Week

Brimming with enthusiasm, Tom, Sam and Lulu are the faces and voices of up-and-coming electro-pop band 'Plastic'. Their colourful, contemporary and co-ordinated styles caught everyone's eyes, but their vivaciousness was infectious. Tom (left) wears Christian Louboutin shoes, H&M bag and t-shirt, Topshop trousers and Jeepers Peepers sunglasses. Sam (centre) also wears Christian Louboutin shoes, plus Topshop leggings, Avion de Papier shirt, H&M bag and ASOS sunglasses. Lulu (right) wears customised jeans, vintage silk shirt, Converse sneakers, Mannakin necklace and ASOS sunglasses.
(15-09-2012) Plastic LFW 2 (15-09-2012) Plastic LFW 3 (15-09-2012) Plastic LFW 4 (15-09-2012) Plastic LFW 5 (15-09-2012) Plastic LFW 6

(Check the band out on Twitter: @PlasticUKMusic)

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