19 October 2012

Blue Hues: floral and blue

Following a healthy yet short-lived affair with the mid-season sales, I noticed that I have recently become rather fond of the colour blue. Therefore I have set myself a personal style challenge - to arrange a selection of outfits, each of which encompassing a palette
of blue hues. This week, I am incorporating ditsy floral print and brown leather.

16-10-2012 blue outfit 1
There is still enough warmth and sunshine to excuse wearing a short-sleeved item, hence I have chosen to style an indigo blue polo shirt from Next's Signature collection into this transitional outfit. I fell immediately in love with the floral detail in the cuffs and inner placket. The main body fabric is 100% cotton, while the collar, exterior placket and pocket hem are chambray. The fit (x-small, in this instance) is snug and comfortable.

The second source of blue is a pair of Ben Sherman EC1 slim chinos, which I won during London Fashion Week. While I did miss my train as a result of claiming my prize at the Covent Garden store, it was nonetheless a very pleasant finish to the day. Oddly however, these are the first pair of chinos I have ever worn. I was not sold on the style before, but this specific pair has swayed my judgement; I have already bought a second in dark teal.

16-10-2012 blue outfit 3

To accessorise the look and provide it with an autumnal feel, I decided on brown leather. Each item is from a different high street brand - bag from River Island, belt from Beales, and shoes from Topman. I have always felt that blue and brown complement one another, and I like to think my chosen style does that justice.

The final touches of blue are, of course, my Spitfire sunglasses. I love having a chance to wear them, because they are very eye-catching. Every occasion I wear them, I am asked where others may find a pair for themselves, to which I always recommend Spitfire, since their designs are quirky yet inexpensive.

(P.S. Having found that my personal style posts are well-received among you beautiful people, you will be seeing me more often on Unlimited by JK. I will do my best to post an outfit at least once a fortnight, if not each week.)
16-10-2012 blue outfit 2

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