4 October 2012

Today, I'm wearing...

You must have noticed by now that I very much love my terracotta blazer. Nominees were asked to "dress to impress" for tonight's Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, and my jacket is ever at hand to serve such a purpose. Its rich autumnal hue will guarantee I wear it more often this season.

04-10-2012 outfit 1

As always, my toughest sartorial decision was whether to wear a bow tie or a neck tie. Asking around, the majority leaned towards the former, but I eventually decided on my vintage paisley tie. I am also wearing this evening a new Daniel Wellington watch, which I collected today, but more on that at a later date.

04-10-2012 outfit 2

However, in all fairness, the outfit matters little this evening. I am really pleased to have been shortlisted for "best established fashion blogger", and whatever the result, I will be returning home with confidence. May the best blogger win.

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