1 October 2012

Zeynep Tosun S/S 13

By chance, I was upgraded to a front row seat for Zeynep Tosun. Without a sea of heads and iPads in my line of vision, I could fully appreciate the eastern-inspired collection in the beautiful upstairs show space of Freemasons' Hall.

The collection has influences from Zeynep Tosun's birthplace of Istanbul, where Asian and European cultures collide in the transcontinental city. The styles are reminiscent of Byzantine dress, with soft cuts in the fabric creating a sense of gracefulness. My favourite is the printed shirt and trouser piece seen in the penultimate photo.

Zeynep Tosun 1
Zeynep Tosun 2 Zeynep Tosun 3 Zeynep Tosun 4 Zeynep Tosun 5 Zeynep Tosun 6 Zeynep Tosun 7

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  1. This was one of my favourite shows. Gorgeous photos, JK!



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