12 October 2012

Convention of the Dead

Earlier this week, an independent film production announced they were in desperate need of zombie extras. Hence last night, I was cast for a short scene in a hotel, and following twenty minutes in the make-up artist's chair, I joined the ranks of the living dead...

Zombie JK

It really is crazy what a touch of make-up can achieve, although I am not sure "corpse" will become the new beauty trend any time soon. Under the spotlight, our zombified visages became ghostly and frightening. Our fresh wounds glistened, our bruises were dark and our stares were hungry.

The zombification was for comedy-horror 'Convention of the Dead', set at a science fiction convention in a Bournemouth hotel. Filming will continue for the remainder of this month, while the final movie will be released in early 2013.

You can find more zombie portraits on my Halloween Filckr page and also on Facebook. In the meantime, keep an eye out for more spooky-themed blog posts this month.

Convention of the Dead 4

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