22 March 2013


Dear readers, what shall I do with my hair? Two months ago at London Collections: Men, my mop of hair was treated to the best cut-and-style to date, courtesy of The Fudge Fix salon. Following the hour-long session, the team snapped my photo, which I hoped to show to future hairdressers, but I sadly never received the image. The problem being I have little clue what to do with my hair. Even with a bedside table laden with freebie hair products, self-styling is not a strength of mine.


The most adventurous style I have ever held involved a lot of hair mousse, hair spray, back-combing and blow-drying. The end result was somewhat Jedward-esque, however it strangely suited. Since then, I haven't had the time or effort to reproduce that style on a regular basis. Instead, I will generally sweep my fringe to one side.

So what do I do? I haven't had my hair cut in two-and-a-half months, which means I have a lot more hair to play around with. But I can't leave it for too long, mind you, as it will begin to curl! So please help a hopeless guy out and suggest a style that could make said guy 100% sexier.

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