2 March 2013

Snowdrops & pussycats

It is common knowledge that I have a slight obsession with cats - inherited from my mum, and fuelled by four furry critters at home. It should therefore come to no surprise that when my dad found a cat-print neck tie in a charity shop, he immediately thought of me. Eager to try the tie on, I wore it on the final day of London Fashion Week, whereupon I discovered its hidden power...

Snowdrops & pussycats
It appears that a cat-print tie has the remarkable ability to trigger conversation with the opposite sex. While friends have speculated that I may die alone with a hundred cats to my name, it seems that cats are actually the perfect peacocking tool.

On the final day of London Fashion Week, a number of women struck up conversation with me, directly because of my new tie. Unsurprisingly, all these women were proud cat owners, but then so am I. And when you have been single for two years, it doesn't hurt to receive a spot of female attention every now and then.


Today, I am wearing my cat-print tie for my friend's 21st birthday party. With spring just around the corner, I want to put the fun back into dressing up, instead of having to wrap myself up in five or more layers. More patterned ties, more sunglasses, and even more snazzy shoes will be making appearances soon. (Especially when I only have a few months left of student discount!)

Cat print tie

(Question of the day: Which item is your full-proof peacocking accessory?)

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