18 March 2013

The Summer Ball is coming...

Tickets go on sale today for Bournemouth University's Summer Ball - a one-day music festival, in which 7,000 students get drunk in the sunshine and frolic about in some of the best homemade costumes you will ever see. Because this is my final year of university, you'd think I would put down the camera on this occasion and join in with the festivities. As if. I'm a workaholic, remember?

Bournemouth University Summer Ball 2012

What I find the funniest about the whole Summer Ball experience are the stares from the residents of Bournemouth town, who can't quite fathom why there are young men and women dressed up for Halloween in June. There ought to be signs in the weeks preceding, warning the general populace of the impending oddities.

(If you are a student at Bournemouth University or the neighbouring Arts University Bournemouth, you can grab your early-bird ticket - plus up to three guest tickets - from the Poole House atrium, or online at www.subu.org.uk/events.)

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